Development of a Prototype Pallet Movement System for use in a Warehouse

Matthew Bycroft, Jason Cheng, Martin Crawford, Zainuddin Siddiqi, Charlie Smith

We are a group of five University of Strathclyde students who completed our Master's project in Gijon, Spain at the EPI Gijón, University of Oviedo.


Our Project

This project concerned the design and manufacture of a prototype pallet
movement system for an automated warehouse. The aims were to design a
system consisting of three individual parts, using materials and equipment
available in the laboratory workshop where possible. The three systems
designed were the roller conveyor, the trilateral fork and the elevator. The main design specifications given were pallet dimensions of 600 x 400 x 60mm and a design load of 300N.


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Campus de Gijón, Travesía Fojanes, 33204 Gijón, Asturias, Spain