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Difference Between Universities

The University of Strathclyde is located very centrally within Glasgow, with all university buildings in relatively close proximity. The University of Oviedo is split over two cities, with the engineering departments and a small selection of other departments located in Gijon and everything else located around a half an hour drive away in Oviedo. Both of these places are approximately half the size of Glasgow (in terms of population) so the cities are much less busy than Glasgow.

The campus that we were working at in Gijon was much more spread out than the Strathclyde campus. This is because it is on the edge of the city so there is much more open space with grassy areas to sit and have lunch. The Strathclyde campus being so central does give many options for lunch whereas in Gijon the only options were the cafeterias at the university.

In terms of the facilities, both universities are very good. The facilities at Strathclyde are probably newer than in Gijon but the facilities we used were generally plenty good enough. The Wi-Fi is much better at Strathclyde than in Gijon as we did have issues connecting our laptops to the Wi-Fi sometimes.

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