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Once all 3 subsystems were ready to manufacture there was a big shift in how we were working. We moved from our computer room down to the workshop. The workshop also had some desk space and plug sockets so we could still work on our laptops as well, for example to begin writing our report.

Generally, all the manufacturing was done in the same room unless any specific pieces of equipment were required which were only present in a different room. The majority of the work was done by us, however certain tasks we were not able to do by ourselves. Tasks which we could not complete by ourselves included welding and preparing the shafts. These jobs were done by our advisor Professor Sierra and the lab technician Alejandro.

Although we split into 3 sub teams for the design phase, during the manufacturing phase we all helped each other much more and just chipped in where any help was needed. This means there might be more work to do for the elevator one day and for the conveyor the next. This was the most efficient way of working as it avoided some of us not having much to do while others were busy.

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